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The majority of our business is gained through referrals. We believe a happy customer is a referring customer! Let us show you why you should expect the best when you call Haul It 4 Less and let us take a load off you!

Denver Yard Cleanup

Improved your curb appeal? Created a backyard oasis and don't know what to do with all that removed shrubbery? We are here to help! Our Denver yard cleanup team will come in and load your materials into our trailer and take it away from your Denver area home. Our team of professionals will remove all sorts of landscape materials including mulch, bushes, and branch debris from your last trimming project. Unlike your weekly trash service, Haul It 4 Less is available for pickup and removal seven days a week and we will take what they will not. Schedule us to do a Denver yard cleanup before your big backyard barbecue.

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Appliance Pickup

Now that you have upgraded your appliances we can come out to pick up your old ones. From refrigerators to stoves, Haul It 4 Less will pick them up and dispose of or recycle the items appropriately. Our minimal fee for appliance pick up makes us an excellent option when needing to have old appliances picked up. We will also pick up your old television or computer electronics and recycle them through a responsible electronics recycling company. These electronics contain hazardous materials which must be recycled or disposed of properly and not just set out with the weekly trash.

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Denver Furniture Removal

Need to get rid of that old couch? Got a new bed? Use Haul It 4 Less for all of your Denver furniture removal needs. We can take your old furniture to a donation station or the landfill depending upon the condition. Our Denver furniture removal team will carry it out and load it on to our trailer and you won't have to lift a finger. We can be scheduled seven days a week so you can coordinate the furniture removal with the delivery of your new furniture.

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Denver Renovation Cleanup

Remodeled your kitchen or bathroom and need to get rid of the renovation debris? Call 303-249-1980 and schedule our junk removal professionals to load up our trailer. Using our services means that our truck is only out front for a short time unlike a dumpster that will be an eyesore in front of your house for a week or more. Also, utilizing Haul It 4 Less for junk removal keeps 'rogue' dumpers from putting their debris in the dumpster you have paid for.

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Hot Tub Removal

Getting rid of the old hot tub? We are ready to take it off of your hands. Just make sure the electricity is safely disconnected from the unit and we will load it up and haul your old hot tub away. Consider Haul It 4 Less for all of your Denver area hot tub removal needs.

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Big Screen TV

Finally replaced that old rear projection television with a new flat screen? Call Haul It 4 Less to pick up your old big screen television.

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Basement Cleanup

Sometimes the basement turns out to be the not so bottomless pit of storage for unwanted items. If you have reached your limit with the stuff in your basement just give us a call. All you need to do is point to what you would like removed and we take care of the rest. Our junk removal experts will lift, carry, and remove your unwamted items from your basement and load up our trailer. Our simple junk removal pricing means you only pay the space that your stuff takes up in our trailer not the whole thing. ALL of the loading, cleanup, and disposal costs are included in our volume rates.

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Denver Garage Cleanup

Has your garage accumulated so much stuff that you no longer have room for your car? Call Haul It 4 Less to cleanout your garage. We bring our trailer to you and professionally load all of your unwanted stuff onto our trailer for recycling or disposal. You can keep your weekend to yourself when we are on the job. Save yourself the time and hassle of cleaning up your garage and finding a place to dispose of all your stuff.

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Something we missed? If you cannot find your Denver junk removal job in this list give us a call at: 303-249-1980 We can do it!!!

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