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We provide all services for Realtors, Property Managers, Contractors, Estate Sales, Evictions, Foreclosures, Fix and Flippers, Home Sales 

We have services for all commercial  business services, to include all contractor cleanups, rental clean-outs, evictions we have done many. Estate sales and move outs. We have 2 large dump trucks and can accommodate many different levels of clean outs.  We carry full  general liability and are commercially insured company.

Suburban Family Home
Junk removal
We are a trusted company In dealing with lockboxes for rentals and sheriffs for evictions.


Foreclosure , evictions, rental clean outs can be a real nightmare. Our Haul It 4 Less cleanup team is here to help you cleanup and remove any messes left behind from a residential or commercial foreclosure. We understand that sometimes a midnight move happens and plenty of unwanted items are left in a foreclosure. There are some cases where the foreclosure is intentionally filled with trash or other junk as retribution from the former owner. When our team is finished all of the junk is gone and the space is in 'broom clean' condition.

Contractors Clean ups


A contractor should focus on finishing the job at hand and not dealing with the construction debris. Our Haul it 4 Less cleanup team can take care of the construction debris from any major to minor commercial construction projects in Denver and surrounding areas. We can pick up demolition debris or other waste materials from your construction project.

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